Desiree Peterkin Bell

Desiree Peterkin Bell

Desiree eventually rose to the position of Vice President of Government Affairs for NYC Marketing, the city's marketing development corporation. She worked in this capacity to acquire multimillion-dollar sponsorships for the city from corporations such as Universal Studios, General Motors, The Latin Grammys, and the Country Music Awards.

Desiree Peterkin Bell was appointed Director of Communication for the Booker Administration in Newark, New Jersey. As the team's youngest senior official, she would go on to develop an award-winning twenty-first-century communications network that spanned platforms and is credited with catapulting Cory Booker's social media presence to new heights.

Desiree Peterkin Bell Introducing Herself and Her Company to the Readers

Published On: 03-10-2023

I am a wife, mother, daughter, and sister passionate about changing the world. I aim to lead movements, not moments. I am a two-time best-selling author, award-winning public affairs and brand strategist, speaker, and advocate. I have more than 25 years of experience and have built the brands of some of the most significant thought and cultural leaders in the country and the world. Even though my position has changed, I still pursue causes that will strengthen the voices of people of colour and other marginalized communities. I frequently claim to be the embodiment of the phrase "Battle-Tested, but GOD Bested"; thanks to a successful career that has solidified my skill set and knowledge, I have attained the status of being a significant fixture in political, public affairs, marketing, and strategy circles around the globe.

The CEO and Founder of DPBell & Associates are me. With team members in Washington, D.C., New York City, New Jersey, Mauritius, Tel Aviv, and Los Angeles, this boutique global public affairs firm serves domestic and foreign clients. We are experts in strategic counselling, crisis communications, media training, digital organizing, high-level event production, public relations, brand management, innovative tech and positioning, political consulting, content development, and partnerships.

Award-winning public affairs firm DPBell & Associates represents movements, not moments, brands that matter, and people who want to change the world. As a top company dedicated to addressing racial inequality and equity issues, DPBell & Associates is frequently asked to advise businesses, executives, and CEOs of Fortune 100, 500, and C-suite offices.

I oversaw the development of a winning plan and Virginia's adoption of the nation's first Breonna's Law with my colleagues at DPBell & Associates. Throughout the presidential and midterm elections, we travelled the country to provide media training, digital organizing strategies, and crucial press support. My team and I have made significant advancements in entertainment, content, and technology, particularly in Africa. Desiree led the P.R., marketing, and brand strategy for The Mic Africa, the first music competition and docuseries born on the continent that connects African music, arts, and culture with a new generation of fans worldwide while working in more than 15 African countries. Mic Africa has been nominated for five Telly Awards and Emmys. Her persistent and strategic approach has produced 1 billion media impressions after two productive seasons and four prominent billboards of African artists in Times Square, including the first-ever African rapper from Tanzania.

- How are your current initiatives advancing women?

I am wholly dedicated to creating environments and redefining new paradigms that empower people of colour to make a difference in the media, politics, movements, and entertainment. One of her initiatives is her recognizable Chat & Chew gatherings, where she co-facilitates discussions on various topics affecting women, including racial, cultural, and political issues, to foster healing and constructive dialogue. These lively discussions, which are taking place worldwide, are set to continue and impact women's and girls' lives on a large scale. I've had the honour of bringing these discussions to 13 cities across the United States, including Los Angeles, where we collaborated with the United States of Women for the largest community event. We've also had these discussions abroad in Panama, Mexico, Tel Aviv, the United Kingdom, Bermuda, Nigeria, Ghana, and Colombia.

What pointers would you offer to create a recognizable brand in a crowded market?

Feel free to stand out from the crowd. We were each individually and divinely created. I avoid following trends and instead make and concentrate on unpopular topics. When many of our counterparts don't undergo nearly the same scrutiny before they "try something new," Black women can occasionally question their abilities and self-worth. Allow yourself time and grace to experiment. Be brave and dependable.

- How do you maintain motivation in tumultuous times?

I go to church and see a therapist (or two). I frequently require something greater than myself to help me navigate uncertain situations. I regularly meditate to achieve my objectives. I believe Black women often fall into the "Strong Black Woman" mentality, which is a dangerous self-definition trope, when, in actuality, we should allow ourselves to feel vulnerable, pause, slow down, and breathe. I understand that my strength comes from resting and resting well during these times to regenerate, recharge, and find peace, not from pushing through the uncertain seasons or the difficult times.

- Describe your 2023 plans for us, along with your online contact information:

By the Grace of GOD, I hope to be able to continue having an impact in attractive and lasting ways. I'll start by announcing new locations for "Chat and Chews." I want to keep making room for difficult discussions that foster cooperation and comprehension. Second, DPBell & Associates will keep expanding internationally while emphasizing the creativity, camaraderie, and innovation in the Diaspora - We Got Us! My team and I are executives who produced the Second Annual (Take Back The Mic) TBTM Interactive Festival. The Festival from the previous year had the topical title Connecting the Continents, Connecting the Culture. Dr Deepak Chopra, Aja Naomi King, Mustafa Shakir, Baratunde Thurston, and other thought leaders from the fields of business, technology, impact, media & entertainment, and innovation were among the featured speakers.

The virtual Festival is back this year with the theme Remixing the Renaissance: Culture and Technology in the New Global South and a new group of influential figures from various industries. The Festival will be held virtually on the TBTM web platform and team app this year. My team and I executive will produce more significant international events starting in 2023. Then, I want to get some much-needed rest. I've been doing this for a while and realize that only when I'm at my best can I give the world, my community, my team, and my business the best of who I am.

Additionally, I've been asked to give a speech on "Purpose, Not Position" at the House of Lords in London.

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The most notable awards for Desiree are: Desiree has received accolades from P.R. Week's "40 under 40," Black Enterprise, the Obama Administration, For(bes) The Culture, Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine, and Pope Francis. She is among the best and brightest in public affairs and the P.R. industry. Her game-changing international reach in consulting, public relations, politics, and media earned her the TrailBlazer Award from the National Association of Journalists' oldest chapter, the Philadelphia Association of Journalists.

Desiree Peterkin Bell passed the exam with flying colors and was accepted to two prestigious boarding schools. However easy she found the test, though, her experience at the school proved difficult.

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